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What We Offer

What We Offer



The Home stay and Cultural Immersion program is intended to promote language studies and intercultural exchange aimed at developing long term international relations and understanding. We also organize tour for our volunteers, who want to tour Ghana or any part of Ghana to see the beautiful tourist sites in Ghana: the largest man made lake in the world, the mole national park, the Salaga slave market, the Paga crocodile pond, the oldest tree in Ghana, the oldest king in Africa. The buti water falls, the monkey sanctuary, the hanging stone etc.

Volunteers teach and contribute towards community school building and renovations in remote villages in Ghana and also to visit more tourist places and neighboring countries like Nigeria, Male, Burkina Faso, Benin, Cote 'D'Iviore. Our volunteers also live with African host families.



It is possible to provide volunteers with work placements in community projects, small-scale industries, public institutions and Non-governmental Organizations (NGO's) in Ghana. This program provides students with hands-on experience and helps them to see and understand Ghanaian life. There are opportunities in both rural and urban areas. Most often these participants are placed with a family who has some affiliation with the work placement. We have partnership arrangements with institutions in Ghana in a wide range of fields including: education, agriculture, construction, environment and disaster relief, water and sanitation, data collection/statistics, health and population, small-scale enterprise development, eco-tourism, health and environment, child care, women in development, rehabilitation for physically and mentally handicapped, AIDS projects, office/computer, rural technology, food and nutrition orphanages, home for the disabled.



Our Teaching Internship is designed to give university students the opportunity to develop their teaching skills in a structured setting. The student teacher will have a teacher mentor and supervisor at the school where they are working. Student teachers are also given an extra five-day orientation specific to teaching in the Ghanaian school system.


Internship programs provide opportunities for both students and employees to further the students' career by volunteering their services and learning new methods while expanding their knowledge. We place participants with both private and public institutions and Non-governmental Organizations.